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🚰 Test water and balance chemicals

📅 How often? Weekly

Have you ever used a level to hang a picture? Tilt it too far in either direction and the bubble goes up. Only when the level is, well, level, will the picture be straight and even. Even a small shift or misstep can lead to disaster. 

Your pool is similar. When it comes to keeping the water in your pool clean and refreshing, the chemical levels must be kept within a very specific range. What happens when you don’t regularly test your pool’s water and balance the chemicals?

  • Pool water appears cloudy, murky, or off-color
  • Scaling forms on your pool’s surfaces
  • Algae and bacteria may begin to grow
  • Pool equipment will corrode
  • Unpleasant swimming conditions

Skim and vacuum

📅 How often? Weekly

Your pool is a magnet for dirt and debris. Everything from leaves and twigs to kids’ toys and other stuff ends up in your pool. Regularly skimming and vacuuming your pool is an essential step for keeping it clean. If you’re not keeping up with this required maintenance, you’ll notice:

  • Dirt and debris buildup
  • Clogged filters and other equipment
  • Unbalanced chemical levels
  • More required cleaning and scrubbing
  • An ugly pool that you won’t want to enjoy!

📏 Check the water level

📅 How often? Weekly

Pools are designed to be full — but not too full and definitely not too empty, either. There’s an optimum water level for every pool shape and size. Here’s what can happen if your pool’s water gets too high or too low:

Too High ⬆️

  1. Skimmer can’t remove debris from the pool’s surface.
  2. Creates a chemical imbalance that can be hard to correct.

Too Low ⬇️

  1. The skimmer can suck air. This eventually burns out the skimmer’s motor.
  2. Creates a chemical imbalance that can be hard to correct.

💦 Scrub the interior wall and steps

📅 How often? Weekly

Even when chemicals are balanced perfectly, the water level is just right, and you’re skimming and vacuuming regularly, your pool’s steps still need a little TLC. Cleaning the pool’s interior walls and steps prevents:

  • Algae, dirt, and grime buildup
  • “Dirt lines” and scaling on tile
  • A pool that looks gross!

🌊 Clean the pool filter

📅 How often? 3-4x each year

The filter is the beating heart of your pool. And just like your heart, it needs a checkup from time to time. A cleaning every couple of months is ideal. Beyond cleaning, it’s essential to inspect the filter grids and replace them as needed.

If you go too long between filter cleanings and service calls:

  • The filter will clog with debris
  • The filter will become less efficient
  • Water may become green or murky
  • Water may become unhealthy for swimming

A good rule of thumb is that if you see diatomaceous earth (D.E.) or other debris bypassing back into the pool, your filter grids need to be replaced. Keep your eyes peeled!

🔎 Inspect and maintain the pool’s pump

📅 How often? Annual maintenance and regular inspections

In North County (and all of California), Title 20 dictates that pool pumps over 2.0 horsepower must have variable speed settings. Generally speaking, a variable speed pool pump runs for about 12 hours each day. During this time, it moves water between the filter, heater, and the chlorinator to keep your pool clean, sanitary, and in tip-top condition.

When your pool pump isn’t inspected regularly and serviced annually, here’s what can happen:

  • The pool’s filter becomes less efficient
  • Water may turn murky or dirty
  • Eventually, the pump can break and require an expensive repair or replacement

Watch out for these signs of a pump that’s in need of repair:

  • Noisy pumps — a well-maintained pump is quiet
  • A pump that stops running unexpectedly
  • Bubbles in the pump pot
  • Leaks coming from the pump

♨️Keep an eye on your pool heater

📅 How often? Seasonal inspections and as-needed repairs

Nearly half of pool owners in North County San Diego count on a heater to keep their pool’s water temperature consistent year-round. Unfortunately, most don’t give their heater a second thought  — until something goes wrong. When a pool’s heater goes unused or ignored:

  • Rodents may nest in the heater, causing serious damage that’s expensive to repair
  • Debris can accumulate inside the heater and cause it to overheat
  • High electricity bills can be the result of an overactive and inefficient heater

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